Bericht van Krishna Prem

High Friends, kp here.
I have a few copies of my new book Aloneness A Love Story with me in Amsterdam. 
I mention this as Amazon is selling my book for over 45 euros as it is imported from America!

Anyway, I have a copy for you for 15 euros if you want to meet me at the De Roos in the Vondel park this Saturday between 4-6 pm. Inside or out depending on the Dutch weather which means probably inside! Or I can meet you most days at 4 if Saturday doesn’t work for you. I can also mail it to you for 18 euros including postage. <Pretty please let me know if you want a copy so I don’t bring too many… paper is heavy.>

I am easy. Please only buy me if you want to support this madman.
I am in Amsterdam for the month of November as I hope to travel to India… if I can get a visa that is. It’s a strange world at present.

Loving U as me, kp