A Meditation Playshop  with Krishna Prem

Join in on an afternoon of meditation and delight with Krishna Prem. 
In this three hour ‘playshop’ we will explore together the mysteries of life, love and meditation. Love is the feminine way to enlightenment and meditation is the masculine way.

Krishna Prem, also known as Michael Mogul, is an author of “Gee You Are You” as well as being a meditation teacher. Krishna Prem left America over forty years ago in search of himself. Arriving in India, he met his teacher and friend Osho, who simply said: “If you really want to know who you are, be a joke unto yourself. Do not take yourself so seriously.” 
Love is, KP. 

Krishna Prem

For more information on Krishna Prem check www.geeyouareyou.com

 ‘Meditation means the capacity to be absolutely alone, and Love means the capacity to be absolutely together. Love means rejoicing relatedness; Meditation means rejoicing solitude, aloneness. Both do the same work, because on both the paths the ego disappears.’       Osho

8 april 15.00-18.00 in De Roos.
€ 25 includes a free signed copy of Krishna Prem’s book ‘Gee You Are You.’
Please reserve your space with De Roos, P.C. Hoofstraat 183, Amsterdam.
+31 (0)20–6890081,